we are looking for committed partners and funders who want to:

  • CO-CREATE – We invite you to commit time upfront to build trust and align interests; strategic planning.

Contact us

  • “TRUST” FUND- Support us to develop a resource to negotiate funding terms that are fair and equitably share risk and incentives.


  • MENTORS – Offer direction and valuable feedback to our programs


  • MAINTAIN & CONTINUOUSLY IMPROVE QUALITY – Evaluate projects; sharing expertise in kind.
  • ADVOCATE FOR OUR CAUSE – Champion the work with pride to engage others; help us expand our network, reach new communities and influencers.
  • CELEBRATE OUR SUCCESSES TOWARDS OUR COMMON VISION with us, with the indigenous communities we support, as an essential component of our team.

Discover volunteer opportunities or if you want to discuss a donation, contact a member of team and we would be happy to discuss our priority activities with you and see whether we might be a good fit to take a new collaboration forward.

Co-Create( institutional collaborations and programs), Fund( Donors), Mentor ( Individuals and researchers)