Introduction: Indigenous Independent Communication

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Participatory Video (Article, NESFAS website)
The power of participatory video documentation (Article, NESFAS website)
Sources: Indigenous Partnership report 2012 – local voices for glocal solutions

Mawphu, East Khasi Hills, Meghalaya

Mawphu Agriculture

Sohliang (Wild Edible Fruit) 

Cleanliness is our Wealth

Tuensang District, Nagaland

Koulu eiu uh: the traditional agricultural practices of the Khiamniungan tribe


Eloanniu manufacturing and it uses

Hat crafting (Paosepao Khantio)

Garo hills, Meghalaya

DurumaJarek: the foot of Tura mountain

Chubitchi: traditional Garo rice beer.

Ka`ritchi: local soda for cooking

Na’chiBrenga: traditional fishing practices and cooking

Sasatgre song

Shifting cultivation

Phek district, Nagaland

Folk songs of Chizami


The Seedkeepers

The Seedkeepers

Weaving for the Silver Jubilee

Traditional folk songs of Chakesang Naga

Signs in Nature

Kitchen Gardens