Our Structure

The regeneration of local food systems and agrobiodiversity has been a major funding priority of The Christensen Fund (TCF). Eager to empower many more indigenous organizations to revitalize local food systems and define their own food and agriculture practices to sustain agrobiodiversity, TCF supported the idea of creating an Indigenous Partnership for Agrobiodiversity and Food Sovereignty.

The Indigenous Partnership was then established in May 2010 as a response to the growing awareness that the well-being of future generations can be sustained and enhanced by nurturing the traditional biological and cultural knowledge systems of indigenous and local communities. In this regard, the Partnership collaborates with leaders and communities in order to identify the best way to serve them, respecting their life styles and sharing their fundamental knowledge with other actors in the global framework of agrobiodiversity and food sovereignty

The Partnership is based in Rome under a hosting arrangement with Bioversity International. Such an arrangement is expected to generate a purposeful collaboration between indigenous communities, scientists and policy researchers, leading to the emergence of a “new science of complexity based on modern and traditional knowledge for the design of resilient food and agricultural systems that would have lower carbon and ecological footprints.”