The Organization and People we serve

TIP works to support four main groups of people with our mission to cover the gaps between indigenous knowledge and global policies:

  • Non-profits who serve indigenous communities directly and may include community-based organisations
  • Indigenous Youths with the desire, passion and potential to become spokespersons and leaders of change for their organisations and communities. These grassroots leaders
  • a) are discovering up to 200+ new plant species per village, with properties that could compete with the worlds’ most sought after beauty and health products;
  • b) are keen learners merging local traditions with innovations;
  • c) are fighting pests and exploring solutions to scale without polluting their crops or ;
  • d)exploring solutions to scale, without damaging the fertility of their lands;
  • e)adapting to climate change by making more informed food decisions instead of simply migrating;
  • f) resisting cash crop farming, where they can to protect their families nutrition and food security when income is low.

They join the Fellowship Programmes and participate in knowledge sharing activities.

  • Indigenous Food Systems Experts, Agroecologists and Researchers who join and support TIP’s network to access the Learning Platform, case studies and resources provided. They help facilitate dialogues across different communication channels, help disseminate new research, engaging with indigenous leaders, communities and organisations across diverse research projects.
  • Bi-lateral organisations and Working Groups focusing on Indigenous Food System rely on TIP as a trusted partner for input into policy frameworks, access to case studies and as a knowledge partner on shared progressive goals.