Our theory of change enables us to leverage a small individual transformation through a Fellow and scale it into a movement for change globally, bridging that gap in communication between indigenous actors and policy makers and strengthening a sense of agency among indigenous communities.

  • 10 Indigenous Fellows’ personal growth into confident leaders with a renewed sense of agency, finding strength in unity and comfort in the support of lifelong expert mentors.
  • 33 organisations working on indigenous issues and participating in our programmes benefit by growing their knowledge, their confidence and their networks through training, dialogues and research initiatives.
  • 50 Indigenous Food Systems Experts, Agroecologists and Researchers give an easy access to a growing body of new grassroots evidence to fill gaps in information, complement and expand their existing research.
  • 12 Bi-lateral organizations and Working Groups focusing on Indigenous Food Systems that have worked with TIP to develop informed policy decisions and confidently champion the need to seek and value indigenous expertise.