Mei Ram-ew Food Festival (Dec 2012)

Mei Ram-ew Food Festival (Dec 2012)

On the 14th and the 15th of December 2012, the 2-day 4th edition of Mei Ram-ew was organized by NESFAS with strong support from the government of Meghalaya, the two IFAD funded projects, MRDS and NERCROMP (North Eastern Region Community Resource Management Project), Synod College, St. Edmunds College and Martin Luther Christian University, Shillong. Hima Mawphlang, Mylliem and the William Boys Home in Mawphlang and the overseeing staff of the Indigenous Partnership and Slow Food International supported the efforts by sending in their staff volunteers.

The objective of the Mei Ram-ew Festival was to identify and honor the local communities who, against all odds, are defending and promoting local food traditions, and who appreciate that their culture is an unrecognized pillar of sustainable development.

An Eat-In was organized to bring in a sense of solidarity and to appreciate and explore the splendor of local food.

The event featured stalls that showcased the local architectures different states and districts. These were partly designed by Paolo Carlucci, a contemporary architect from Rome, based on the knowledge shared by the different tribes.

Cultural display in the form of dances, songs, handcrafts, pottery, 50 designs of tribal weaves and books added more value to the festival.

A team of 23 first year botany students from Synod college, Shillong and 22 social work students from the Martin Luther Christian University, Shillong interviewed the participants and documented the plants, their use in the kitchen as well as related customs of the various communities.
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