Well Being Studies

Happiness and wellbeing are feelings strongly related to local cultures and traditions. Each society has its own vison connected on these two fundamental concepts. During Indigenous Terra Madre 2015, there will be a focus discussion on this theme from an Indigenous perspective. Indigenous Peoples have developed their particular perception of happiness and wellbeing, which does not correspond to the dominant ideology leaded by the western knowledge. Among Indigenous societies, there is a vital connection between happiness, wellbeing, local agrobiodiversity, [...]


Studies on Matriarchal Societies

Matriarchal communities are playing a key role in agrobiodiversity preservation. They are leaded by egalitarian and holistic social dynamics, which creates strong connections between collective wellbeing, food security and biodiversity, representing examples of communities of peace, solidarity and nutritional security. These kinds of societies are usually agricultural societies where are applicate usufruct rights rather than property rights. They are frequently characterised by gift economics, where gifts are generally more valuable than trade, because of the importance of social relationships and [...]