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Interaction and cultural diversity: Key drivers of the Fellowship Programme

Meet a Mentor  The journey of TIP Youth Fellowships is not just about the young minds and their communities, but a selection of sensitised stewardship. The TIP Fellowship allows the indigenous Fellows to meet academic and mainstream experts who have been deeply involved in not just a sphere of study but also who have a bent towards understanding grassroots knowledge systems. Lukas Pawera, Ph.D. student at the Faculty of Tropical AgriSciences of the Czech University of Life Sciences, Prague, is a [...]

The TIP Youth Fellowship Programme: A tool of empowerment for the youth

Pius Ranee, Associate, NESFAS, and Fellow at the TIP Youth Fellowship Programme 2017, shares his experiences from the pilot Programme of the TIP Youth Fellowship in 2017. Through this interview, he highlights what he gained from the Fellowship Programme and what future Fellows and youth can look forward to. What in your eyes is the significance of the Fellowship for the indigenous youth? The Fellowship Programme that TIP has initiated is quite unique in its approach. This is because it allows [...]

TIP International Youth Fellowship Programme 2017

August 2017 saw the initiation of the TIP- International Youth Fellowship Programme 2017 in Rome, Italy. Supported by The Christensen Fund (TCF), the fellowship aimed at creating a platform for intercultural knowledge exchange among the youth of different indigenous communities and syncing them to global views, while sustaining their identities. The Fellowship programme was designed for four months and was hosted with TIP partner Bioversity International, an international agricultural research institution with a focus on scientific evidence. The program prepared [...]

NESFAS to foster a glocal partnership by hosting the TIP Fellowship Programme 2019

Subsequent to the success of the Indigenous Youth Fellowship Programme in 2017, NESFAS, a local indigenous organisation, will host the programme for 2019 while bearing most of the cost of this hosting locally and nationally, making it a truly local-global partnership building initiative for indigenous communities. The pilot programme aimed at creating a platform for exchange among young minds from indigenous communities and syncing them to world views and actions, while maintaining their identities. It prepared the fellows through training, professional development, [...]

TIP Indigenous Youth Fellowships Review’s Retreat Workshop, 26th September 2018, Rome

  TIP brought together global experts on Indigenous issues for a day-long review workshop for its international program for Indigenous Youth Fellowships in Rome. The aim of the fellowship program is to empower youths and adolescent girls to manage risks by linking indigenous food systems with agrobiodiversity, nutrition sensitive production and consumption, climate adaptation and appropriate value chains. The fellowship's objectives align with the TIP vision of empowering indigenous communities to reaffirm the identity, pleasure and wellbeing they derive from [...]

TIP coordinates workshop for FAO Global Internship, Volunteers and Fellows Programme to Empower Indigenous Peoples

TIP coordinates workshop for FAO Global Internship, Volunteers and Fellows Programme to Empower Indigenous Peoples to Contribute towards Achieving No Poverty (SDG1) and Zero Hunger (SDG2) ) at the FAO headquarters in Rome, Iraq Room, on the 24th and 25th September 2018.   TIP organised a workshop for FAO Global Internship, Volunteers and Fellows Programme to Empower Indigenous Peoples to Contribute towards Achieving No Poverty (SDG1) and Zero Hunger (SDG2). Titled the INDIGENOUS IVF WORKSHOP 2018 the sessions were had participants [...]

Partner organization from Meghalaya-NESFAS activates its “No one shall be left behind” project supported by REC

NESFAS activates its “No one shall be left behind" project supported by REC Foundation (Rural Electrical Corporation Ltd), with a 3-Day Partnership Workshop with its partners NEN Nagaland, SSC Shillong and SURE Jaintia Hills, on 11/07/18. Over a three-year period, the project will promote indigenous food systems (IFS) that will significantly contribute to improved nutrition, food security and sustainable livelihoods. The promise of Rural Electrification Corporation Ltd. Foundation supported NESFAS project "No one shall be left behind" got underway with [...]

In loving memory of (L) Rev. Anthony Abong B Marak

  Every meeting with Fr Anthony was a classroom called life for the NESFAS team and their guests. His circles of wellbeing at the ITM 2015 Shillong have become an iconic image of the event where a cluster of Garo musicians, around his welcoming smile and enthusiastic laughter, encouraged members of various tribes from around the world to join and match rhythms, creating new medleys- language no bar, origins no bar, the only requirement being the shared love for life [...]

Our sincere condolences to the family of Sara Manetto on the passing away of her mother, Ms. Liliana Fiorentino.

Our work has consistently established the Mother as the crucible of nutrition - physical, mental and spiritual, all essentials of a child and the family's well being.    The Indigenous  Partnership (TIP), NESFAS and their partners share sincere condolences and support to our friend and past  Program Officer, Sara Manetto  and her family on the passing away of her mother, Ms.Liliana Fiorentino. Sara, We join hands across distances to give you strength in this moment of loss, from indigenous communities across continents [...]